Women’s Fire Circle: Fanning the Spark ~ Tending the Flames

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October 27, 2012

"The Fire Circle with Rebecca was an experience like nothing I've experienced before. The atmosphere she provided was calming and soothing: Being surrounded by the elements of mother nature and a group of amazing woman opened my heart and mind. We ate, we shared, we sang, we laughed, and I felt truly honored to be part of that time and space. This experience reminded me of the importance of connecting with women and encouraged me to look a little deeper into myself. I thank Rebecca for having the vision for this event and getting us there to make the circle complete." ~ Colleen Taliaferro

December 1, 2012

"My second Fire Circle. Double the women, double the nurturing, healing and calm. These two experiences have changed my life. Rarely in life do you get the opportunity to connect deeply, honestly and meaningfully with someone, let alone a group of diverse and interesting women. Add a cold, crisp winter evening, warmth of fire and a dynamic and gifted leader, Rebecca----ahhh, heaven on earth!!!! Any description I could give of Rebecca would fall short. You must experience her to understand the profound impact this woman will have on your life." ~ Mary Panzetta